List of numbers into a list of x,y points

I have put together a list of numbers coming out of the random command and I want to take those numbers and make them into 2 dimensional points. I believe I would use the unflatten tree command, but I cannot find how to create the syntax anywhere. If that is the best tool for this, how do I get the list into an x,y list. If not what would be the command to use and how do I use it.

Thank you.

@VioletRain, just plug it into a VectorXYZ component


That didnt work for me. (3.8 KB)

Actually if I use a panel it seems to be working, I thought Param Viewer did the same thing, sorry.

@VioletRain, to get different values for x and y, try to provide two random components using different seed values as attached below. (8.4 KB)

btw. there is a Populate2D component which does basically the same.


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You can also generate twice the amount of random values and then use a Numbers To Points component with an XY mask.

Thanks David !