List of anchor points is mixed up (78.6 KB)
Entwurf-2.3dm (152.5 KB)
Hey there,

I’m beginner in Grasshopper and have got a problem with my anchor points.

I want to lose up some of my anchor points to create a entrance or a whole into the roof. The numbers of anchor points are somehow not in a row. I created a component where I write down the numbers of anchor pionts I want to lift up but latly its lifting other points as I choose and I think its because of the mixed up anchor point.
I hope you understand my problem and will be able to help me.

Many thanks,


Hi @user1513

Instead of that complicated way based on the indexing, an easier way to select which points to anchor would be to take the boundary points and cull those inside some regions where you want the openings: (20.2 KB)

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Thank you so much, this works totally fine for us!!!