List Management - Adding Grid Positions to Branches

Hello, I have two data streams. One is the data with values and the other one are grid positions. The branch numbers match so that the data may get assigned to the grid positions. However, since the data has three indexes and the grid just one, the data will overlap and get assigned to the same positions. Therefore, I want to manipulate the y - coordinate of the grid branches by adding two additional indexes matching the data so that the data is not overlapping anymore. Each branch needs to be manipulated the same way. It’s for Wallacei - baking the text of assign to grid, if you are interested in the purpose. Thanks for help! (22.3 KB)

I think this might be one way? (28.6 KB)

[edit] for the general case -let’s assume you have 300 items per branch instead of just 3… so it gets difficult to solve with a Panel manually typing numbers- you can use a Serie component to generate as many Y values as in the Data list (30.5 KB)

by the way, anything that will change the Y value will work, even a Move component

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Thanks again for being so quick and proficient! This is it! I just added an addition component to your definition so that it works for all rows of the grid. Btw, for all having trouble with baking text with the Wallacei ‘Distribute to Grid’ component - this list management is your solution if you connect it to the component and a text tag component (I prefer the one of ngon). This will make it easy!