List Loaded GHAs?

Hello kind forum.
I’ve just installed Rhino 6 Beta and am playing around with Grasshopper 1.0 while still maintaining Grasshopper 0.9 on my machine. I noticed that the same Libraries folder is used for both, which is fine, but for some cases I’d like to know which version of my plugins are being used. For example, Kangaroo2 and GhPython both appear to be included in the GH 1.0 basic install, but I had these installed and in my Libraries folder for GH 0.9. Are these older files simply being ignored?

More generally, is there a way to see a list of which GHAs have been loaded, and where they reside?


If you open the banner in Grasshopper (Help -> About) you can click on the little plus icon in the top left corner. This will display all the loaded plugins on the banner. Then double click the icon to see details about that plugin.

There’s also a list of plugins in the Grasshopper Preferences.

Lastly, if you run the _GrasshopperDeveloperSettings command and click on the eye icon, you will see a list of all the folders from which gha files will be loaded.

There is also an %AppData%\Grasshopper\6\Libraries\ folder where you can put ghas for GH in Rhino6 that you don’t want to expose to GH in Rhino5.


This is great info!
I’ve noticed there are some minor changes to the RhinoCommon SDK so I have a situation where I’m compiling a single .gha file with some conditional statements to target the appropriate RhinoCommon.dll version. If I load the .gha file into the AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries folder, it’ll be recognized by both GH 0.9 as well as GH 1.0, but the conditional statement doesn’t trigger.

Ideally I would be able to place the gha in the GH 0.9 and GH 1.0 library folder, and when the user opens up GH 1.0, it’ll ignore the .gha file in the GH 0.9 folder. Is this possible? I’ve tried a few different methods to solve this issue but nothing has panned out thus far.

I was able to get the situation ironed out. In the end I just compiled the plugin twice, once for GH 0.9 and GH 1.0. I came across another post on the forum that also helped me iron this out: Deployment Issue: Maintaining Rhino 5 + 6 GHAs concurrently

I’m trying to identify any edge cases for GHA installation and came across two conditions I have questions about.

  1. If a user never had Rhino 5 installed, and only installs Rhino 6, will the folder path to the GH libraries folder still be %AppData%\Grasshopper\6\Libraries\

  2. If the user had both versions of Rhino installed and then uninstalled Rhino 5, will the %AppData%\Grasshopper\Libraries\ folder still persist?