Hey guys,

How do i create a list of lists of points, seems simple tasks but having troubles outputing some format the other guys can then use in their workflows.

This is what i have, but it doesnt work well:(

  var polygonsList = new DataTree<DataTree<Point3d>>();

  foreach(Polygon polygons in rebarGroup.Polygons)
    var polygonPointsList = new DataTree<Point3d>();
    foreach(TSG3.Point point in polygons.Points)
      Point3d PtB = new Point3d();
      PtB.X = point.X;
      PtB.Y = point.Y;
      PtB.Z = point.Z;



  Polygons = polygonsList;

You need to use AddRange method instaed.

But do i do
DataTree<DataTree> ()
or somehting else?

I solved the problem, I cant do DataTree> I ha to use only 1 datatree and play with the DH_PATH