List length independent boolean gate

Hi all.
I’m designing some conceptual operations for my thesis research and I’m trying to evaluate the properties of some objects.
When I analize the objects with some direct Match Text comparisons I get very clean and understandable boolean results, but the thing is these objects have inherited a variable amount of properties and I would like to build a boolean gate independent for the amount.
In this simple example, I’d like to test the result for a simple "if any of the outputs is true (A or B or C or…) then is true.

Can I operate the booleangates on lists? I can´t code worth my salt so in case it is through scripting I´d very much appreciate any help :sweat_smile:.

Thanks in advance!

I guess a “easy” way of doing this test is making a mass addition of the results and if this addition is =>1 it means there is “at least” one true result and therefore the test stands but I´d like to know how to do it if possible with proper boolean algebra.

you could use “create set” component to reduce your variable amount of booleans to a maximum of 2 then make an “OR” test between set elements