List Item filtering based on first NULL position in the list


I am trying to figure out how to return the LIST INDEX INTEGER 11 from this list.
The numbers cannot be sorted to do it as they are unpredictable
Item 11 is the last non NULL value in that list. ie item 12 thru n are all NULL
The numbers will always appear before the NULLs meaning item 12 is the first occurance of NULL in the list.

  1. 0.227297
  2. 0.239293
  3. 0.252068
  4. 0.265749
  5. 0.280501
  6. 0.296551
  7. 0.31422
  8. 0.333995
  9. 0.356681
  10. 0.383798
  11. 0.419014
  12. 0.480742

And how do I generate the index numbers as a separate list to be sorted for example?

Many ways to do this, the best will depend on exactly what you want to do with the index no 12 afterwards. Given the limited information here, I’d say go for the dispatch and list item approach:

dispatch (25.1 KB)

Ok its the no 11 you want, just connect list item to the correct list, right click on the L input to the list item component and reverse the list.

I want to use the number 11 in an INDEX module to select the underlying data.

Thank you. LIST LENGTH and DISPATCH were very helpfull