List / Index reorder or...?

Hi all,

As the attached images described, I’m have two lists of points and trying to make lines start to end.
Notice that each path has different amount of points, therefore when doing “Line” there’s no result at those unequal list length.

So I start to try with “Shift List” and see if I can even out those “empty space” to both left-right ends.
In my try version, the button part of result seems what I want, however it mess up again when the piles go towards top.

I tried my best to describe the question by words, the images below are much clear I think.

Any comment(s) would be appreciated!

LIST REORDER.3dm (115.3 KB)
LIST (34.5 KB)

This should do it:

LIST (12.2 KB)

Hi Amir,
Thanks for the reply. I use the gh file you post however it appears like the image showing below.
Wondering why…

Look at the screenshot from Amir. You are missing a subtract component. This happens when going between Rhino6 and Rhino5 (which I’m guessing you are using).