List from list patern

i have got a list with a lot of curves, but i want to split this list and make futher lists of “x” elements.
for example i’ve got 24 items, i want lists of 8 items,
first list, with the 8 first items, second list with 8 more, and 8last items in a last list…
i’m sure there is something in sequences componment, but i don’t find.

Use “Partition List”, it will create a datatree with 3 branches.
If you want to use the 3 branches separately, use “Bang” (Explode Tree).

ok thank you…
but in fact it’s not the solution,

i want to loft curves after, but when i loft this list, it loft the first list, then the second and the third one… that is not that i want… i want loft the index [0] of each list, then another loft for the second index of each list…
so in my example,
i’ve got 24 items, i split it in 3 lists of 8 items in each, i want to loft curves but index [0] of each list, another loft with the index [1] then index[2]…

i try Flip, and it’s that i want, but it doesn’t want with loft…

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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Ok, i understand that, but it’s just comprehension list i want, i tried a lot of manipulation of list, and i want to undrerstand what it’s possible to do, and how, by myself, and the picture is for me enought, the matter is that before Flip, it’s possible to loft, but after it is not, why? what change in “flip”.
before it’s a list of Polyline Curve, after too.
gh file:Test hé (15.1 KB)

If you pass some data to a Panel, it is converted to a Text…
Loft can’t work with texts…
Have you tried to do the same without panels?

Also, yes, as Joseph said… it’s easier to work with your file…

yes, that was it.

Always click on message bubbles, those are greatly helpful.

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Good luck with that.

ok… i note that when i pass by panel, it change!!
thank you so much!