List Find Extremes Component

The Extremes (Extrz) component docs say:

“Find the extremes in a list of values.”

When I input a single list of random Reals, the component returns the input list at the outputs. This isn’t what I expected. I expected the minimum and maximum at the outputs. Can someone explain the use case for this component? Also, if I want the minimum and maximum of a list of values, should I sort, then select the 1st and last entries?

Here’s an example of what motivated my question: (16.7 KB)

I don’t know about that Extrz component but this sounds like domain bounds to me?

List-Extremes_2023Nov14a (10.6 KB)

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Yes, bounds and deconstruct look like a good alternative for what I need.

You could use Sort List but that’s more appropriate when you want the first / last ‘N’ items.

List-Extremes_2023Nov16a (11.8 KB)

extrz finds the extremes from a group of values fed into the component individually, not as a list:


Ok, I understand. The wording of the docs confused me.

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I too didn’t understand this, I expected min and max of the list because the description says that.

Maybe good to revise that description? Myself, I feel like this component would be more useful if it did find min and max of a list, and that would still allow for its existing use.

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