List Branches Problem, Curve CP


I’ve a set of points that are organize this way ({0;0}, {0;1}, {1;0}, {1;0})
And two lines that are ({0},{1}).

I want to do a Curve closest point so that 0;0 & 0;1 evaluates with 0 and 1;0 & 1;1 with 1. But it’s not happening, for some reason they’re mixing togheter.

Thank you

Internalized - Branching (21.3 KB)

Probably the datatree structure of your point is not the same you are expecting…

Your attached file have no internalized data…

Sorry, I re-attached the file,

Are you after some sort of Steiner graph?

Not really, but thank you

Internalized - Branching (21.8 KB)

Sorry, but that’s not what I was meaning. The problem is that you group the 4 branches into 2, but I need to mantain the same structure ({0;0}{0;1}{1;0}{1;1}), for later operations

Internalized - Branching (23.6 KB)

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Thank You!