Links to videos no longer work

Hi Andrew,
I am a PHD architecture student and purchased your Advanced Grasshopper Webinars some time ago. The links no longer work. I would appreciate getting new links. I still have my password, unless they have changed. They were ‘Advanced Tree Data Management’, ‘Intro to Human’, ‘GH Plug-in Developement for C#’, and ‘Automated Diagramming’. Thank you.

Where can these webinars be found and who was the author?

Hi Stan — I don’t manage the hosting of these videos. They are all the property of Performance.Network, run by Arpan Bakshi.

I believe his contact is — I never had an email for him other than that. If you need help getting a hold of him let me know and I will follow up.

You should also be able to log in at — you can reset your password if need be.