Linking rhino python with web tools for automating offroad maps

In Rhino 5, I have manually created some GPS tracks of the Pacific Crest Trail using Halfmiles GPS data files (using a GPX converter from another website) and then manipulating the geometry to get reasonable elevation profiles superimposed on google maps. I like the results but I need some advice. Since I believe there are many GPS track files available for public use, I could envision virtual trips thru many offroad destinations. Think Google earth without the constant need to control the flight. Towards that end, can python be linked with other web tools to exchange data or files between the apps. I manually go to a website enter a filenames and parameters, execute a conversion, then download those files. In python I execute a XPS reader that generates a profile curve. I do the same for extracting a google map image for a pictureframe. Can I automate this ?