Linking groups

I have using same group of items several times in a grasshopper definition. I put the repetitive items in a group, then copy the group and make new connections, but if I edit one group, the others do not update.

Is there some way to link all these together so I can edit one and they all update? Kind of the way blocks work in Rhino, I can BlockEdit any copy of any block, and the other copies of that block get the change automatically. I’ve been deleting the copies, and re-copying everything and re-doing all the connections, but that is getting tedious.

I’ve tried Grouping the items as well as creating Clusters. Both methods produce copies that seem to be independent of each other.

Here is an example:

I made the group on the left and copied it 3 times, then I changed it and the 3 copies did not change.

so I put the group into a cluster below and copied that 3 times.
I changed the name of the output on the cluster and only that one changed, the other 3 copies did not. (8.8 KB)


Groups are only there for visualisation. There is no link there (unless you code that… using Metahopper… not something you’ll likely do for now).

Clusters are the correct tool to use.

The name won’t update, but the content will. You can double-clic on the cluster to access the content, edit your panel, then hit the topleft button and hit save & close. The output of the clusters should update then.


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Thank you, I see how it works now. I guess the external input and output names of the cluster don’t change, but the contents do, but of course the input names and output names were the first things I wanted to change so I didn’t think they were linked. It makes sense now that I know what is supposed to happen.