Linking and referencing a pdf in a Rhino file

Hi everybody,

I’m doing a schematic design documentation for a project in Rhino. Plans have been documented by others in a 2D cad fashion on one file A and building elevations in 3D on a separate model (file B). Since there’s no time to consolidate and to setup a BIMesque workflow, I was hoping to use the 3D file to export building elevations using visualization/rendering settings as a pdf and link them into the 2D “annotation model”. Since there will mostly be text and leaders over this drawing and no dimensions I thought this was an okay approach.

But when linking the pdf as referenced block, my coworker gets an error with a missing .jpg file that is essentially the pdf image that is generated on my local machine. Is there a way to create a truly referenced pdf block in Rhino that reads the information only from the link updating as required? Or is this not a good approach?

Thank you

Hello - the pdf file needs to be available on the user’s machine or network in order for linking to work. Otherwise use Link and Embed but this will only update to the latest pdf if that file is available - not sure if I am answering the right question…


Hi Pascal,

The linked PDF is on the network so the file path of the pdf itself does not break. The image of the pdf that Rhino generates to map over the surface meant to represent the sheet in model space does break since it is saved by default on the user’s machine and not on the server. I guess the real question is: other than the annoying display upon starting Rhino notifying that a link is broken, would this affect the quality of the print?

I would not think so, if the correct file seems actually to be there. The user gets the sizing question on opening the parent file, correct? (as it brings in the linked pdf)


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