Linked VR Mesh not Rendering

Hi guys,

Is there a reason why when I link a VR mesh into my scene it no longer renders? See video:


Currently, special objects (fur, clipper, proxy, inf. plane and mesh light) do no render in linked files and worksessions. You see the materials, because recently they were migrating them to the native Rhino RDK material system, and are managed entirely by Rhino. There is no such native system for special objects, so that we are currently in development of our own.

This is well in the top of our road map and will be featured very soon

Thanks for the speedy reply.


Since linked files are not currently an option, I’ve now tried to embed the vrmesh tress as blocks. It still does not render. See video:

Any ideas? This guy somehow cracked it.



I made the exact same thing you did and it works for me.
Please contact Chaos support and they’ll figure out what’s wrong.