Linked Blocks not rendering correctly unless exploded

I’m having a puzzle with rendering settings.
I have attached three images.
Notice the shading on the green slide and some other elements on the model. It appears as though they are inside out/incorrectly shadowed.

The only difference between the two files is that they were rendered on different systems (no changes to settings, textures etc, just a different machine running the same software Rhino 5 & Flaming NxT v3.1). Also, the item in the model experiencing the issue is a linked block.

I’ve checked Flamingo settings on both machines which appear to read the same.

At first I would have agreed that it was a lighting issue, the two renders certainly do look different on different machines, but I’ve looked into it further…

The item that isn’t rendering correctly is a linked block
Opening the block file independently on the computer causing issues, when rendered it comes out fine (first image attached).
Also, if I explode the block in the model, it renders fine also (second attached image is after exploding the block, third image is before) so it appears to be an issue between Flamingo and rendering Linked blocks??.

All attachments were done on the same machine without changing any settings in between (just exploded the block).