Linked block and layer work flow

I work on a project in television scenography where we try to develop a work-flow system by using layers and linked blocks as in a traditional assambly-part configuration. In this way, we hope to make it easy to work in a larger group where different parts of a scene are distributed to the working group while a complete studio model (assambly model) is constantly updated. I have studied and worked with BIM models and have tried to emulate and create a system that suits us.

The CAD standard recommends that all geometry in a block model should be in “layer 0” and the block definition itself should be in the object layer. If both the geometry and the block definition are in the same layer, there is a great risk that the block definition will be corrupt, something I learned the hard way a few years ago after McNeelsupport helped me with a file that had failed.

We want to be able to use both sub-layers and linked blocks and I have been thinking about having linked (imported) block instances placed in the default layer in the assambly model, while its internal blocks are placed into the object layer’s sub layer. In this case, all parts of the linked file (parts model) are converted to block instances whose internal geometry is in layer 0. This feels pretty straightfoward but if there is another linked block instance in the linked file, in which layer is this import block placed? Thus, if the imported block is placed in the default layer in the parts model, then both the block and sub-block are in the same layer in the assambly model. Is this a problem for rhino to handle?

Another question is how to manage a link-imported none-block model?

Does anyone have experience working in rhino like this?

Would like to receive comments, advice and hopefully - answers!

Hello - have you looked into using Worksessions to collaborate on complex models? it is not the same thing as blocks but may be worth a look, your situation, it seems to me, is what it was designed for.


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@pascal : Yes I have tested worksession but unfortunately it is not possible to move or place the part in any other way than it is placed in the part file.
One of the reasons why we divide the model into parts is to be able to rotate the object so that it matches the cplane in the part file.
We also import objects from other software and block definitions are quite common way to organize models therefore more compatible when we export