Link to Alpha Shape of Mateusz Zwierzycki

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all doing fine.May I ask where to find Alpha Shape from Milkbox’s Mateusz Zwierzycki ?

I really need this component to make a file work and can’t seem to find a link to download it anywhere or am I missing something ?

Thanks for any help provided.

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You’ll need to join the milkbox group first.


Ah didn’t know it was for members only ,anyway big thanks Kim :smiley:
Should have been looking much more for this one , really easy !
take care

If you haven’t take a look here, multiples methods are exposed

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Hey Laruent ,

Thank you very much for your answer.
Actually I needed the alpha shape of Milkbox’s group for a particular file to open up correctly because I need to keep working on that file (the file itself uses this component from Mateusz Zwierzycki) so without it ,the file won’t work or at least GH would show off error messages and the definitions will all end up red.

But surely that’s good stuff too that will come in handy for my future learning

Thanks again Laurent and take care.
Best regards

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