lingMatrix - Rhino plug-in

lingMatrix is a Rhino plug-in developed for VR modeling for Architectural designers. As proof of concept, it bridges the Oculus DK2 and the Rhino 5.0 sr12.

Furthermore, lingMatrix engages several methods of command input as VR user interface, including an Xbox 360 controller, Microsoft .Net Framework Speech Recognition, and a Thalmic Labs Myo Gesture Control Armband. Together they serve as alternate inputs to the traditional mouse and keyboard.

lingMatrix is an application product of an Architectural Master Research Project presented in The University of Florida. It is currently tested only on Oculus Runtime beta, Rhino 5.0 sr12, and Windows 7/8.1.

For more information contact Xingyun (Singwyn) Jin or Mingming Ding.

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Posted May 10, 2016 by Andres Gonzalez on Rhino News, etc.