Lineweights being halved in solid objects in layout display mode


I have several objects all aligned on a Y-point, stacked in Z-space. In plan view, I’m using an OpenGL display mode that makes the objects white (solid). The layers are set to different lineweights (which is why I’m not using a Technical2d display mode). For the solid objects, when shown in PrintDisplay mode, the lineweights are being halved by the white occluding fill. This makes it look like the objects are not really aligned on the Y-point, and another observer may get the incorrect idea looking at the layout. It also means I have to 2x the layer lineweight thickness. If any normal curves are on that same layer, they get too beefy.

Using Wireframe display mode shows the lineweights correctly in Print Display mode, but then, since the objects are not shaded, objects are seen below one another, which isn’t wanted.

Is there a way to make the lineweights show above the occluding object shading?

Files attached.

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Blueprints3.ini (10.4 KB)

rhino forum object lineweight print display.3dm (342.4 KB)