Lineweight template

Hi there,

Just wondering if it’s possible to set a lineweight template for new layer creation? For example, if I created a new layer within another layer; it could have the sticky option to inherit the lineweight of the parent…?

What’s the most efficient way to manage line-weights through a project? Maybe there’s a way to set a proper template for layers/sublayers etc…


Hi Jeremy -

Only the lineweight (linetype?) property of the parent and none of the other attributes? If all (or most) attributes are to be the same, you’d probably just copy that layer.

The only one who can decide if a template is proper or not is you / your organization. If you find you keep using the same layers with their attributes in every project you work on, you should just use save the latest project as your custom start-up template and delete (non-reoccurring) geometry.

That said, some kind of “style manager” is something that is on the list of things to consider in the future. I doubt that something like that will automatically attribute a certain style to a new layer simply because that new layer is created as a child of some specific parent layer. Setting up your custom template as you want it will always be necessary.

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