Linetypes broken

so – I reinstalled Rhino (8.6.24) and: it’s working! :smiley:
Thanks to all of you for your ideas and help!

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I’ve reinstalled just now, but it didn’t work for me.
Have you done something else than reinstall??

Hey Piedro, i found out that the problem is the shading mode in layouts: try to change to “flat shading” (while working in layout mode). I don’t know why but in my case suddenly the shading mode deactivates the curve visibility - only in layout mode ( a few days after reinstalling the problem appeared again)
Hope that’s helpful for you

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Thx for sharing, but I usually work on Ghosted, and even though I’ve checked, I have the same problem in every viewmode… :frowning:

Please share a 3dm file if possible. I’m having trouble understanding exactly what the problem is that you are seeing.

Here. Those lines should be dots, and also, linetypes only show when they are inside block instances, but as soon as you enter the block, they also show as continuous lines

@Piedro_Nícolas_Padua pls run _SystemInfo in Rhino and post back the results. Also if possible, pls share the file you are working on. Debugging this from a video is close to impossible.
Large and/or confidential files can be uploaded here

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See, here you are.
Rhino_8_20240506131347.log (20.7 KB)
I took this few days ago, before desintalling and reinstalling many times…
Rhino started doing weird stuff… (closing, freezing, rebooting to defaut interface, rebooting default settings, …) so I tried to reinstall it cleaning manually all pastes and files left behind it.

It seemed to have worked for a few days (not the linetype bug, though, but then my PC shut down while I was using it, cause the battery was dry.

THEN the bigs problems started to happen. It became weirder and started to totally freezing my PC with small files. (84 Mb and even 52 Mb)
It happened so many times my PC just didn’t started correctly and showed me automatically the “solving problems interface” without runing Windows…
Nothing “not drastically” worked, so I restarted and hoped it would work.

I desintalled it for a couple of days and cleaned and restarted my PC a few times.

Today I installed the 8.5 version. The LINETYPE BUG was fixed, and I was surprised my interface and settings was loaded for the first time I opened it…So I must have left something untouched, but I don’t know where, cause I think I cleaned C Drive folders and AppData folders as well…

I hoped it was all solved, but sadly, it started to be very consuming again, and again it froze my PC after a minute trying to orbit around a model in Ghosted view…
It happened twice. (84 Mb) Totally froze and force shutdown neeeded for my PC, I mean.
I opened another file. All good with curves, but when I activated layers with really basic geometry in Ghosted. TOTAL FROZEN, FORCED SHUTDOWN TO MY PC needed (It took a little longer.
Then I tried another file. All good when on Shaded view, but when actiated Render viewmode, it broke again, really fast…Even though it was 3 surfaces and many small planes…

So now I’m gonna reboot my PC. Im goona format it to defaut, trying to save personal files, first, but format it for good if it still doesn’st work.

I’ll leave here also the Rhino Info of 8.5 I took today, so you can compare.
Rhino 8.5 - syst.txt (2.7 KB)

Goodluck finding the problem, if it is a Rhino’s problem, which I’m not sure in this case, although it seems like it, somehow.
The linetype bug I think we can confirm it’s a 8.6 version problem, as some other users experienced it as well, and it was solved installing the 8.5 version.

Hi -

It sounds like something is seriously wrong with your PC.

Starting with a clean system is not a bad idea.
When you get to the point where you can install Rhino, please check if that works as expected before installing the 3rd-party plug-ins.

@stevebaer hello, please when is next up? i thought next minor release SR8 would bring the fix but it is not the case…

Sorry, I don’t have an answer for that. I’m hoping to get to this soon, but I’m working on several other projects at the moment.