Linetype scaling problem with copy/paste objects

If a curve object with a used-defined linetype is copy-pasted from one instance to another instance of Rhino for Windows, the linetype is pasted without the scaling property, ie the pasted linetype scale is always equal to 1, regardless of the linetype scale in the source document. Is a bug or by design?

Hi Gerard - linetype scale is a global document setting, it is not attached to the curve, so setting the scale in the target document seems expected and correct to me.


Pascal, thx for your reaction. I also feel that setting the scale is to be expected. However, Rhino doesn’t. It pastes the linestyle if used by a copy-pasted object and not already existing in the target document. The linestyle pattern is transferred correctly, but the scale is not. As a result, the pasted curve looks different from the copied curve.

The linestyle pattern is only transferred correctly if either the style that is being copied into the target document doesn’t exist beforehand in the target document or the specific style exists in both documents and have identical pattern definitions.

The rule is that incoming geometry adheres to the definitions of the target document. As there is only one (global) scale definition, the scale definition in the target document is not changed. No matter which rule one would pick, there will always be situations where things get messed up but as long as the rule is clear there shouldn’t be any surprises.

Actually, the linetype scale property is a property of the linetype, not a global property.

Well, it’s global in the sense that there is one single scale that governs all line types. If an imported linetype would override this, all previously defined linetypes in the document would be messed up.

I can see how you could think it’s a property of a single linetype, since it’s with the pattern defenition, but as @wim said it is a gobal setting. It won’t change if you pick a different linetype definition. My thinking is that this setting should be display on the first Annotation tab where set the global annotation scale and global hatch pattern scale

Yes, I checked. I withdraw my complaint. The GUI is a bit confusing though, but no big deal. Thanks for your comments,