Linetype scale not in -_Properties

Llinetype scale not in -_Properties How can I set macros

Hi -
Technically, the default linetypes are not added to the document until they are needed, and I see that in Rhino 7, this causes a macro to fail unless the list on the Document Properties -> Linetypes gets populated.
When that is done in a new document, the following macro will work fine:

-Properties Object Linetype “Hidden” EnterEnd

I noticed that Rhino 8 will run this macro correctly without first needing to populate the list.

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how can I set ” linetype scale " in RHINO 8 WIP macro?

Hi -

Sorry, I overlooked the “scale” part of your question :see_no_evil:
Yes, that property can’t be set by a macro. I’ve tried (RH-62981) in the past to get that exposed on the command line but that didn’t go anywhere.
Apparently, it’s a scriptable property so you could write a python script for this.