Linetype scale gripe

I know there was some work with linetypes (or at least with the properties page), so this still may be in flux, but I’m not sure the way linetypes are scaled is very intuitive. This is on 6.7.18171.4521, 6/20/2018.

If I recall, it used to be that linetype scale would apply to model space (and in fact was called model linetype scale), now it seems to apply globally. This has the unfortunate side effect that between layout and model, you will always have linetypes that don’t read well, and you have to pick your poison as to which is more important to display properly. I also find if confusing as layouts now don’t look like the printed output when Match pattern definition is selected in the print dialog.

There may well be a need for a global linetype scale, if there is, I feel the Match pattern definition in the print dialog should respect it. I don’t feel however that sacrificing a separate model scale for it’s addition is advisable. In layout and details, I feel the linetype scale should respect the definition relative to the paper space (including the global scale if you stick with it). That is to say, if my pattern is 2.00,2.00 everywhere in layout space, be it a line drawn in layout space or viewing a line in a detail at scale, if I measured in paper space, it would match the pattern definition of 2.00,2.00 (times the global linetype scale).

This would I feel greatly improve the WYSIWYG-ness of layouts, which is important when you are trying to finalize a sheet. As it is right now, I often have to run a test print just to check linetype scaling, which is a pain. It would also eliminate the need for the Match pattern / Match viewport option in the print dialog when printing from layout (not that that is a bad option, it just would be superfluous in this case).


Hi Sam - I’m looking at Linetypes in V5 and the scaling, as far as I can tell applies to both model and layout space and is not labelled for model space:



I think I was seeing this in earlier V6, which is what got me excited and thinking about this, as I don’t feel V5 handled it well either.


Hi Sam - I believe the label incorrectly included the words ‘Model space’ for a while in V6 …


Perhaps a the fact that a mislabeled item caused me so much excitement is indicative of how poorly linetype scaling functioned in the past and continues to function poorly today.