Linetype Pattern Alignment

It would be nice to have linetype patterns align so that there is a pattern segment at each kink.
Especially with polylines it looks sloppy to have most of the kinks with no graphic at the kink point.
Even if I explode plines to lines there still aren’t segments at the line ends.

In V7, the segments aligned the patterns between kinks and it looked better.



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This is still bugging me, so I’ll try to explain better.

There is a setting in LinetypeDisplay called PatternBySegment to restart pattern alignment at kinks in patterned lines.

I guess the most important thing about this is that there should be some graphics at the ends of kinks when LinetypeDisplay->PatternBySegment is Yes. It really makes a difference in how clean a drawing looks.

In the file LTExample7.3dm are some examples of a regression in linetype drawing from v7 to v8. V7 manages to make clean corners with graphics for both segments at kinks when PatternBySegment is Yes and V8 doesn’t.

Another problem is that in V7, the PatternBySegment setting always starts out as Yes and in V8, it always starts out as No. There’s nothing about it in Advanced settings and from what I can see, it’s not saved in files in either version.

LTExample7.3dm (32.1 KB)

I think @stevebaer is the linetype guy.
He’s in Europe for a few days.

Hi Lowell,
This has been filed as a bug and is slated to be fixed before Rhino 8 is released.

My goal is to get the pattern segments in the same locations along a curve as they were in Rhino 7. All of the pattern calculations have been reimplemented on the GPU to allow for a lot of fancy curve effects and to make patterned curves draw as fast as continuous curves (they used to be orders of magnitude slower). The functionality to determine what part of a curve is solid versus a gap still needs work.