Linetype Name not correct

I use Human Object Attributes node and i have it is not correct work Linetype Name.
I have layer with Linetype is Dots.
I have object in this layer with linetypes By Layer
When i use Object Attributes node i see Continuous in Linetype name Output parameters.

Please help me decide this situation.

That is correct - according to its object attributes, the curve’s linetype is Continuous, though its LinetypeSource is ByLayer. The object attributes panel will not reflect properties inherited from the layer; if the layer color is Red and the object’s color is by layer, it will still show black. You can use the Layer Table component to inspect the properties of layers.

Ok, but Layer Table can show me only layer color/linetype. How can i get object status By Layer?


It seems the later Rhino/Grasshopper has an issue using the default continuous type.
See the screenshot below.

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