Linetype inside blocks don't work

In Rhino 6, try the following:

  • Create a Layout (no Detail needed).
  • Create a line in the Layout, set it’s Linetype to ‘DashDot’ or whatever. The linetype should be visible (my Linetype Scale in Options>Annotation Styles>Linetypes is set to 1.0).
  • Create a block from the line. The linetype disappears…
  • Explode the block. The linetype reappears.

Anything I can do about this at the moment? Not work with blocks in Layouts?

Hi Eugen - that does not happen here in the latest-

Can you post a file?


Sure! Very simple.
test linetype in (8.7 KB)

I just found out, if I set Options>Annotation Styles>Linetypes>Linetype Scale to 1000.0 (it was 1.0), the linetype in the block is displayed correctly in the Layout.
If I explode the block, the line is then scaled wrongly of course.
My model units are meters, my layout units mm. That’s where the factor 1000 must come from.

However, does this make sense? After all, I did not put this block into a Detail, just on the Layout. If I had, I would understand, but when it’s on the layout itself (for purpose of drawing graphics & annotations on top of Details), why should a line inside a block scale with ‘Linetype scale’, but the same line NOT inside a block won’t?

Thanks for looking into this!

Edit: How did I come across this: I have like 6 Layouts, each containing a Detail showing a level of a building (generated with different clipping planes for each level in the 3d model, using VisualArq btw.). I wanted to place a block with an axis grid ON TOP of all the Details, because the grid’s the same in all levels, and should always be drawn on top of the geometry. The axes style should be dashdot.

Checked this in R7 WIP - same behavior:

  • Check Options > Document Properties > Linetypes > Linetype Scale = 1.0
  • Create a line directly in a Layout.
  • Give it a linetype, maybe dashdot. It’s displayed correctly.
  • Create a block from the line - the dashdot style becomes a seemingly continuous line, because it is scaled with the factor given by ModelUnits/LayoutUnits (e.g. m/mm = 1000).

Is this by design? Then how does this in any way make sense?
Thanks for looking into this again!

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This issue is present in R7 WIP, does not seem to be related to Layouts.

I draw 2 lines/curves near the origin in a top view, wireframe display mode.
Change the linetype of one of them to dashed.
Zoom in and out, both lines remain visible at all times and display correctly
Select both lines and define a block, the dashed line disappears.
Switch to a perspective view, wireframe or shaded mode, the dashed line is visible. Zoom in and out, the dashed line disappears during zooming, but reappears immediately after. Remains invisible in top view.
Select solid line, block is highlighted and dashed line is visible.
Double click solid line to edit block, dashed line displays normally even during zooming in top view.
Close block, dashed line disappears again.
Explode block, dashed line displays normally.

The dashed line displays correctly in Technical display mode, but not in wireframe or shaded.

If I save the problem file in V6 format and open it in Rhino 6 it displays correctly (the block has no effect on dashed linetype display).

A new fix for this went into the WIP. It will be included in this week’s WIP release.

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That’s great news, thanks for sorting it so promptly.

RH-59759 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thank you!!

Bumping this topic again - appears to have come back again in 7.32 (have to use 32)

All linetypes in blocks are showing continuous. Anyone having this issue?

Many thanks

Update: this issue seems only to be within embedded blocks.

Did some testing and ex-ref linked blocks keep the line type properties. A partial solution for now.