Linetype dots orientation


I think dots should be oriented perp to curve not like in current state of affairs.
I case its truly dots and not squares then it does not matter…
Btw. Is it possible to set dots to be round in V7?

If you mean “points”, yes. Also in V6. I think default in V7 is now round points.

No it is a dotted linetype in the picture and those dots are square (and not aligned perpendicularly to the curve), not round. /square or round shoule be optional)

OK, I see that. Here on my screens they are a constant 5x5 pixels* and not anti-aliased at all.
*I have a 4K screen running at 150% display scaling, so they might be something like 3x3 pixels at 100%. They print PDF at 1:1 at 2x2 pixels.