LINES subdivision cuttin split ( help )

I created 3 different polylines, then offset in both sides and in this way it is creating various crossing lines between then, how can i have just the resulting lines without the part crossed?
my goal is then to extrude vertically the surface created inside the offset lines, and then connet in one piece ( solid or mesh ) all the 3 elements, without overlapping the volumes

i attached the files rhino and gh
test 0 lines.3dm (79.2 KB)
test 0 (10.1 KB)

thanks very much

Like this?

test 0 (16.2 KB)


Venation pattern gh (61.9 KB)

I tried to apply to this file where they are singles lines and not polyline but it is not working ( i joined and not working) why?

You didn’t internalised your referenced geometries and I don’t have your plugin installed, sorry.

I tried to attach the rhino file but the website don t let me do it. However, into the rhino file there is just a surface of 39,6 metres by 2,5 metres