Lines on non-planar Surface, ending at a boundary


I am trying to use Grasshopper to create a parametric model of the louver system from the CAFE Louverwall building, pictured here:

My plan was to create a series of points along two edges, use them as the starting points for lines projecting at a angle using Line SDL, drawn on the surface of the non-planar Surface, and ending when they met a boundary line. But I have no idea how to really accomplish that, or even if that is the right way to go about creating the model.

I am running into trouble with several things:
First, what component/command I can use to “define” my surface as the “Surface” command only seems to take “surfaces” and not “polysurfaces.”
Second, how to make the lines follow the surface of the Polysurface.
Third, how to make the lines stop when they hit the edge of the Polysurface.

Hopefully the attached images clarify, let me know if something isn’t clear, and thank you. Any help is really appreciated.

Forum question model.3dm (1.7 MB) Forum (22.0 KB)

surface components don’t hold polysurfaces. use the brep component.

As for the lines you need to begin creating louvers, try one of the contour components to get started.

have a look into it
Forum (34.1 KB)

Knowing about that aspect of polysurfaces/brep/etc. for future usage will be helpful, thanks Max.

Rajeev, that worked perfectly. Thank you so much, this was a life saver. I will be going over it with my professor tomorrow and may have a few questions for you afterward about how you went about this, if that is alright with you.