Lines from points list to point cloud (aiming shortest walk)

Hello :slight_smile: My first post here yeayy :))
I’m trying to get lines from A (point list) to B cloud points (Intersecting between Populate Geo and Speres from A points).

Here is what I aim

Here is what I get

Going a bit crazy here. I’m wondering if maybe it is so simple that there is no topic on it ? Yet I can’t get the solution.

At the end, this is what I am aiming. In reality I have 20 origin points. I narrowed it to 3 for this topic.

Thank you for reading and your help :sunny: (142.2 KB)

hi there, welcome :slight_smile:

I would use Point in Brep instead of Point in BrepS
the reason for that is: Point in BrepS just give you the index of the brep that FIRST contains a given point, so you won’t be able to get info about points contained by multiple Breps like these (134.6 KB)

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Wow Thank you very much for your quick and clear answer !