Lines control points to coincide

hi all,

Just noticed a trick that I used to do when sizing an object is not available anymore in the new rhino.

Before if I had multiple shapes or lines and I wanted to make them of a certain dimension I would sometimes turn on their control points, move the end ones to coincide with the start ones and then move them again of the required dimension (similar to scale 1d but imagines these shapes not being in the same position in space).

Now Rhino doesn’t allow you anymore to “collapse” a line into a point or a square into a line. I know it might be because it could generate 0 length lines but it would be good that until the control points are not turned off the “collapse” doesn’t happen.

See image below and imagine you want to make all of these of a determined dimension without having to measure them. Before it was possible to drag all the points to start and move them again to the right by the amount required, now not possible anymore.

Any solution? Thanks


Can’t think of one so far I’m afraid… need a SetLineLength command.

@revink - Just fyi, in case it is useful, some py scripts here, if I understand what you’re doing…

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

scripts -

For all of these, click on the end of the line or arc that you want to be adjusted - the other end stays put. BTW, a nice thing in V6, and that works with these scripts is, when you see the prompt for the length of the next curve, you can click that option and then type ‘length’, ‘distance’ or ‘radius’ and that will launch a nested Length, Distance, or Radius command - you can then pick another line, say, and its length will be fed in as the desired length in the script for setting line length.