Lines combined to become perforated surface

Hi, I am able to imitate patterns created in Python Turtle by using GH but I cannot find a way to combine the lines into a surface where there are open spaces. I attach two Turtle drawings to show what I mean…the filled pattern was simply a matter of having begin_fill once with all the circles drawn in between then end_fill …I remember in Corel Draw it was possible to select a load of lines and combine them into something similar where there were lots of open spaces. I have tried different boolean approaches but it does not give me the same symmetrical series of spaces.
Does anyone know how to do this please…I only need the Rhino method and I can then work out the GH method…thanks
![lunas spirofilled|467x500](upload://9USzvNLuF4wjjDuQvnUBeMm035i.


would be good if you could at least bake what you have so far. usually if you separate surfaces, say those rings are surfaces and all having the normals pointing in the same direction boolean union would merge them together. then MergeAllCoplanarFaces and you should be good to go.

thank you for your suggestion…I had already tried doing that but the Boolean combinations only seem to give me odd surfaces like this …

MergeAllCoplanarFaces only seems to give the outer profile…

this was using surfaces of each circle…I had hoped to be able to combine all the circles as curves but cannot find a way to do this…I dont have to use GH to make the pattern…that was just for convenience…I have made it using circles in Rhino but I still cannot get it to combine in the way Tuttle or Corel does it…I was hoping to create a file that could be read by a laser cutter so that I could have sheets of stainless with the perforations.

the only solution I have found so far is brute force and difficult to apply in GH…I turn all the circles into surfaces then extrude all the lines into a cheese cutter and split all the circles…I can then select segments and delete them.
Can anyone explain why Turtle and Corel naturally create all the holes from overlapping surfaces but it does not happen in Rhino ?

Are you using Boolean or CurveBoolean?

boolean with the surfaces…I didnt know about curve boolean…

thanks Jim…CurveBoolean is a lot easier…

Just discovered Heteroptera Geometric Region…such a minimal GH script now…brilliant