Lines between set of points

As seen in the picture above, I have points who are representatives for the illumination in a room. I would like to insert splines between all sets of different colors for a better overview.

I tried to group points in smaller sets and use the Hull component, but that does not work on for example “new-moon-shapes” -> the result i get from this is half a circle.

Does anyone has an idea how to continue?
Thanks in advance (64.2 KB)
I internalized the data, it includes the Points in seperated sets and the colors applied to each set.

My first thought was to convert the points to a surface and get contour lines… Unfortunately, the points aren’t organized well enough as a grid for creating a surface. (74.5 KB)

By the way, there are 18 branches (paths) in the data tree of points and only 11 materials (colors) being applied.

The 11 colors is just right like this. The mountain range you have created, I made aswell. No other ideas? Which component would you take to create the surface?

Oh really? An arbitrary artistic decision then? Because it isn’t logical. I think you’ll need to “clean up” the data points before using any of the methods I know of for creating a nurbs surface.

It is absolutely logical. Some values are over the top, so they get the highest color. For example a 12 would get the same value as a 10. Thats why :wink:

Which methods do you know? and in which way would you recommend to clean up the data? I got them out of a ladybug/ Honeybee grid, so seems like they are pretty straight. afterwards i splitted them to fit into my value list.