Lines and Curves in py gh and rhino

Hey there, guys:)

I’m totally new when it comes to Rhino/Grasshopper/Python, so I could really use some help.

I have to
-write my first name as a Python Script in Rhino ( IULIA )
-define letters as combination of linear, quadratic, cubic curves (or mathematic formulas)

Minimum Requirements:
-set objects (Sphere, Cylinder, Box, …) at curve points

Possible Parameters:
-width and height of the letter, density of points, object to place

I already managed to write the Scripts for lines and curves, but i have no idea how to connect them or run them in gh and how to later on merge them with rhino.

I hope you’d be able to enlighten and help a poor soul :slight_smile: Thankieees in advance


Please don’t post homework assignments or office projects here, because this is not a platform for bored Samaritans who love to work for free. It is a difficult task for beginners. If you have trouble solving this problem please speak to your teacher/boss to get more guidance, or ask more specific questions.

Thank you