Linear regression function

Hello everyone,
I have a question. I have a set of data which I give input as Test data in linear regression. What are the training inputs and what are the training outputs and what are the random seed as well? How can I learn more about how this Linear regression function works?
It would be very much appreciated if someone can help me. Thank you.

I’m guessing this should be in the Grasshopper category.

Hi Wardy. Welcome!

What are you trying to do?
This forum is mainly related to 3d design, Rhino is a CAD software and Grasshopper is mainly a programming language to automatize Rhino.
Then, yes, you can do anything once you can program, and we can program also with typed code in c#/python.

Please see this:

If your data is defined by 2 or 3 variables, you can use it like points in space (2D: XY or 3D: XYZ) and then use Rhino or Grasshopper tools to find the best fitting line over those points…

Please add more details and info about your starting data and what you need as final output.

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the only Linear Regression thing that comes to my mind is the LunchboxML component ._____.

yeah I am working on a non-planar 3D printing project. For the project I need to generate custom G-code. On one step of the program I have used the linear regression of LunchboxML. but I couldn’t understand how the inputs are working for that function.