Linear light toggling off in display

Still shows gumball where light is. In rendered mode I have a linear light toggling on and off in display and gumball shows in both cases. Is this normal ? Right clicking asks for light origin. —Mark

Hi Mark - the OpenGL version (=Rendered display mode) of lighting is pretty limited - it will not match a full rendering for linear and rectangular lights. Linear lights appear to shine only along their axes in the OpenGL display. Dunno if that makes sense with what you are seeing.


Hi Pascal, I was just wondering if after you toggle lights off in the display, should the gumball still be actively seen if that light was highlighted first.
In other words, should gumball turn off if lights are unselected in display?—Mark

Ah, ok- duh. - yes, it seems to be that of an object is selected the gumball is drawn - you can select objects even if no viewport can currently display what you have selected (using Sel* commands for example) - I guess that is a bit weird but I can’t decide that it is actually incorrect to do this…


I suppose not, but if if your thinking intuitve, then it seems it should not be seen if the object isn’t. Thanks Pascal