Linear hinge - Unconnected nodes

Hi, I am trying to reproduce the Shell_Linear Hinge from TestExamples and when I connect the springs to the Assemble model component I get a complain that there are unidentified nodes in the model. I tried different surface divisions and it s always the points between the ends of the connected edge of the 2 meshes that cause the problem.

Could somebody maybe explain why this might happen?

Also, could this definition work with multiple meshs connected to each other without setting the joints for each edge separately?

Hello @theogerg,
in Karamba2.0.0 WIP (see here) there is a ‘Line-Joint’-component available which would spare you the effort of defining line-joints via zero-length springs. Would this be an option in your case?
– Clemens

Hello Clemens, thank you for your answer! Yes I tried it and it works fine. The reason why I tried this method too is that I need to find what kind of Normal forces, Shear forces and Moments are applied to the joint, let s say in the middle of it. I saw that there is a Beam forces component, which gives those forces as an output, so I thought to use beams, even with zero length. Is there any way to visualize those forces applied on the linear joint, not only as values in a panel, but also located on the model?

Hello @Theogerg,
in Karamba3D 2.0.0 WIP there is the ‘ShellSection’-component which can be used to display shell cross section forces at arbitrary sections. The help-texts of the component should be self-explanatory. Two corresponding definitions (‘’ and ‘’) can be found in the Karamba3D test examples under ‘Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Karamba\Examples\TestExamples\Shells’.
– Clemens

Thank you very much Clemens!