Linear Buckling Tube

Hello guys,

I’m quite new to Grasshopper and to Karamaba 3D and what I’m attempting to do is simulate linear buckling on a tube. I’ve attached this video, Tube buckling - Grasshopper ,of one of @DanielPiker earlier experiments and this is exactly what I would like to recreate, unfortunately, I can’t find the script for this. The type of buckling effect I want to recreate from this video starts at 00.06seconds. I’ve also attached a @karamba3d .gh file with my first attempt. Any help with achieving this would be appreciated! Thanks
Linear Tube (25.2 KB)

Here’s a version of that tube buckling in the current version of Kangaroo (17.5 KB)

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I gave with GH based solutions because unpacking the methodology and implementation was too hard, demos dont work, and support is virtually non existent.

I am evaluating several dedicated tools like Femap

Thanks, Daniel! Fun definiton to play around with