Linear array and cull pattern increase

Hi there,

I’m trying to create this pattern with increasing offset and cull numbers:

I’m manually inputting the offset and cull amounts and am wondering if there is a smarter way of doing this - but cannot figure it out. Help is much appreciated!

211026_progressive increase cull (49.3 KB)

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211026_progressive increase cull (59.6 KB)


Thank you for this - clever - I would not have any idea how to have done that.

What about if the pattern needs to remain regular rather than random?
aka: first row no cull
second row: every second culled
third row: every third culled


Thanks in advance,

Then, after you fully understand the code provided, let’s think about something else. :wink:

I am still trying to figure out how to make this work more regularly.
I feel that the answer maybe lies within the shift path component?


Progressive increase cull (20.8 KB) (10.9 KB)

P.S. Separate sliders for ‘rows’ and ‘cols’:

P.P.S. The second Repeat Data isn’t necessary. (10.5 KB)