Line Weights + Zooming = Ugly?

Found some threads regarding this, but unsure it’s axactly what I’m looking for:

I’ve set Display (viewport/layout) to “Print Preview” and all pretty good - Shows line weights (workign in Windows 10, here, people)

But ZOOMING in on Layout page (when NOT in editable mode inside the detail) the line weights get pretty ugly. (In viewport, it seems a bit better, but things get ugly when zooming out instead)

Optional Replies:

“This is a bug.”
“You didn’t set a parameter up in your options correctly.”
“This is just the way it is for now.”

Thanks as always

“None of the above.”

I’m not seeing that here - but then, ugliness is not an objective concept.
Could you post a file and perhaps an ugly screen dump?
And your GPU / OpenGL information.

Did you try the RH6 WIP?

Always D). Can’t believe I didn’t give that as an option!

I will Post in the morning, thank you.

And I will also try on the WIP. (I downloaded it just the other day.) Will post my findings on the WIP for those -if anyone - following this

MUCH better in WIP 6, thank you!