Line Weight and Colour Control when Printing from 3d Views

Is it possible?

If so, please explain. Or show me a project (just one) where it actually works as designed.

I could never get it to work, so I gave up on it a year and a half ago and switched to Make2D. Make2D is of course cumbersome to use, but at least the chaos of layers provides line weight control, which View Mode and Object-Layer-Specific combinations simply did not.

VirtualArq tell me they’re going toward a 3dView-based documentation system.They’re no longer developing their 2dView system.

So Va at least expect 3dView-resident graphics control to work within Rhino.

For that reason I just spent two fruitless days attempting to gain control over line weight and colour in 3d views This isn’t time a professional environment can absorb.

Don’t get me started on whether PrintDisplay is a reliable guide to what’s going to actually print after object and view mode specific adjustments are made. It blinks on and off showing different lineweights, neither of which related to waht’s going to print.

Is anyone actually having success with this? My experience is that the documentation features’ vector graphics management system is unreliable.

The above may seem unnecessarily sharp.
Combined with the issues with basic functionality below, finding one’s way to basic professional construction documentation techniques is exasperating. I may resolve all the work-arounds for one type of project but I soon find that every new project type challenges them anew.