Line types issues?


how can I rename copied line types?

How can I edit an exist line type?


Normally, just click in the name box and you should be able to highlight the name and change it (like the layers panel). You can’t change the default linetypes.

There appears to be an unresolved bug with editing/deleting certain copied linetypes (there is another post about that).

In the time between I found that a name can’t be edited if the copied curve is be used, for example for curve piping.

I hope the edit bug can be solved soon, for example at the moment it’s a problem to adjust the look of a dashed line (which is be used to simulate a stitching seam).

Hi Micha -

I can’t seem to reproduce that behavior here. Could you post your SystemInfo data and, perhaps, list the steps that are involved in doing that?

Edit: Note: when I create a curve and apply the custom linetype and curve piping and then copy that curve into a new file, you can’t modify the name of the custom linetype in that new document.
I’ve added that information as a comment in RH-67234.

Ah, this could be the problem here too. I copied the curves from one Rhino task to an other.

Thank you, have a nice day,