Line type issues on print

I have this issue where I want the contour lines in my drawing to all be dashed and at 0.25 width. However upon setting these up, when I create a PDF via print the resulting drawing has some of the lines as dashed but others aren’t.

I have checked everything I can think off, I have attached the file if anyone could help me out!

CONTOUR TEST.3dm (393.4 KB)


Ahh I think it was because not all of the lines were joined, this is such a headache because it wont let me select all and join them because some of them are ‘unable to join curve’ is there a quick way to fix this without going through every single line and fixing it?

Hi Cormac- you can try temporarily loosening the tolerance in the file and then Join.


Hi thanks for the reply, how would I go about doing that?

In DocumentProperties > Units page you can change the absolute tolerance if you want to force curves to join. It’s kind of a brutal approach - just make sure to change it back to whatever you were modeling with.


Thanks for the suggestion but because all the lines are quite close together it just went crazy!

I ended up just giving up and leaving them as solid lines, can’t be bothered wasting any more time on it

cheers anyway