Line type, 50mm line at ends and mid point?

Hi All

Is there a way to create a line type that will put a 50mm line at the end points and the mid point of a line?

I am creating cut files for aluminium boats and where the part is folded it is ink marked by the CNC router. I use extract isocurve to create the fold line and then have been manually trimming the line but this takes a long time.

if there is another way i could do this with out a line type please let me know.


Hello - can you post a file with one or two examples of what you want to make?


ink marking example.3dm (207.1 KB)

On the left is what I generate from the 3D with isocurves and on the right is what I want to end up with.

Hmm - yeah… there is no obvious rule(s) here that suggests a way to automate this…