Line thickness differences in printing viewports in layouts

Hi all,

I noticed that if I printed a larger Layout size, the line thicknesses (Pen Viewport) become thicker.

Is there a way to retain hairline thickness no matter what Layout size is printed?

Image examples:

  1. Rhino viewport of Layout (a portion of the drawing)

  2. Printed (whether PNG/PDF, raster/vector, pen/technical, it is the same result (seems like unable to extract vector from Pen and Technical viewport?)

As you can see the line weight becomes super thick.

  1. Printed png if the Layout size is much smaller and only encompass this part of the drawing (the actual drawing is much larger and contain more elements)

TLDR: Is there a way to retain the lineweight as hairline no matter what Layout size chosen? (Similar to the Wireframe viewport, where lines remain thin no matter the Layout size).

I’ve also tried other solutions like Match Pattern Definition under Print settings, as well as toggling with the Display View settings, but to no success.

I am finding an alternative to Make2D since the layout viewport already shows a result I desire but it is just unable to translate when Printed in Layout … :pensive: Also, make2d would require me to adjust if I overlay the lines with png subsequently in photoshop etc

Hello - try playing with this number in the print setup:

Make that say, 0.5 or so and see.