Line tan from Curve misidentifies quad target becoming line tan 2 curves

I wanted line tan from larger blue circle to TOP of smaller green target circle.

thus I chose Line Tan from curve as opposed to Line Tangent to 2 curves.

It sees the second circle and decides to display quad and one believes this and clicks. However on closer inspection it chose for a point beyond the top. its error then established with line drawn from circle centre to top.

Repeatable error. I drew two black circles and got a 2mm error again beyond top

Bug ???
Line tan from curve misidentifies quad at target.3dm (36.8 KB)

I have no problem using Line>Tangent and snapping to the quads of the circles in either case… --Mitch


I assume you mean it said quad on the second circle, you clicked and then zoomed in to check, and it was at exact circle top.

I shall try it tonight on my laptop which is win xp and v5 and see if it happens there.

Does anyone else get this to happen ?



Hi Steve - this looks like a bug to me - both Quad Osnap and Tangent marker light up at the same time:

To override the tangent snapping for the second point in Line > Tangent, turn off Tangent by clicking the Point option at the command line.

Hmmm- but I am not so sure this is a bug- it finds the tangent point nearest the quad, a legitimate snap. Use the Point option to turn of tangent snapping for the second point.


…but if I have chosen line tan from curve it is supposed to only do one tan snap, if I had chosen line tan 2 curves then the 2nd snap is expected and legitimate ?

Does it also in V4 by the way.