Line Scaling/Printing in Layout space issue

I have some lines drawn over a detail in layout space (door swing direction indicators) which are supposed to be dotted. Works fine in Rhino 7 but when opening the file in WIP the lines are nearly invisible in layout space and print as thick solid colors as opposed to the nice fine dotted line I am used to. I thought is was a scaling issue but when I adjusted the scale from 1 to 0.1 it looked a little better in the layout view but did not print any better. PDFS (saved as jpegs) and Screenshot jpegs comparing what I am seeing in layout space vs a printed PDF. Assuming I have some new settings wrong but maybe not?

R7 Screenshot


WIP Screenshot


Hi Brady,
Can you privately email me a file that is setup and will show me the issue?
It seems like if I can duplicate it here, I can get it logged and fixed.

Thanks again.
May Ann Fugier

Just sent to the Rhino - Upload to Support

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Hi Brady,
I am seeing the issue.
But I only with Vector output, not Raster. Raster is ok.

Can you try Raster and let me know?
Also can you include a screen shot of your entire Print setup dialog with Destination expanded?

Thanks again for reporting this…
Mary Ann Fugier

Hi Mary,

Switching to Raster output makes the lines print as they are displayed in the layout view so it fixes the big thick bold line problem but the scale is still off. If you just open the file in Rhino 7 and look at that same R2.0 page the lines just look completely different than WIP

Hi Brady,
Yes, I see how Raster is much finer than Rhino 7 and Vector is Continuous.
I have logged RH-70900 Curves with Dot Line Type Do Not Print Correctly.
When there is a fix in the WIP, you will be notified here on the Forum.

Let me know if you see any other issue.
Thanks again.
Mary Ann Fugier

Thank you Mary!

RH-70900 is fixed in the latest WIP